Prepare with fellow engineers

Are you preparing or planning to start preparing for SWE interviews?  If yes, then join us every week for live practice calls.
What do we do during this calls? Simple. We pick a problem and solve together.


October 25th - November 28th 2021

If you are preparing for interviews, why do it alone?

We are starting a new interview prep cohort for 5 weeks. If you have not joined any of our cohort before or do not know about it, read on

Here are few highlights of the cohort

  1. Cover as many topics as possible required for interview in 5 weeks

  2. Solve (code and time complexity) easy and/or medium problems.

  3. Daily accountability to make progress

  4. Private Slack channel to discuss interviews and cohort problems

  5. Live session to solve problems on zoom

  6. Weekend live sessions with guest speakers from the industry.

  7. FREE

If you are preparing for interviews join the cohort. There are no strings attached.

This cohort is full.



Join us for live leetcode sessions on variety of topics

No Sessions this week


All of our practice sessions are held live on zoom. The zoom calls are casual by nature. We are here to practice and make progress in our endeavor to change our jobs. 

The format is simple

  1. Pick a problem on the given topic of the day

  2. Come up with as many solutions as possible

  3. Determine the time and space complexity for every solution

  4. Code (if time remains or at our on discretion).

Check out our video where we work through a problem